Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 8-26-14 – More of the Best Free Horror Films on the Web

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It’s between paychecks again, but that’s no reason for you to go without good horror movies.  Lucky for you, you know iHorror.  Here is another batch of movies that can be viewed for the mere cost of a mouse click or two.



Based on a Stephen King novel and directed by John Carpenter, Christine is the classic 1983 film about a very haunted, and very jealous, red-and-white 1958 Plymouth Fury that finds its way into the life of a nerdy introvert.  It’s an early King story, so it’s got none of the fat indulgence of his phone-book sized recent work.  It’s also vintage Carpenter, having been made when the director was at the top of his game, right after he’d done The Thing and Escape from New York.  If it’s been a while since you’ve seen it, it may be time for a revisit.  Act quickly, though; it’s only here on Crackle until September 1st.


The Collector

While last year’s The Collection may have seemed like a rip-off of Saw or The Cube, it’s actually a sequel to the 2009 film The CollectorThe Collector is about an ex-con handyman who, due to the stress of owing a large chunk of money to his ex-wife, plans to steal a valuable jewel from his current employer’s secluded country home.  When he arrives for the heist, he discovers that another criminal has gotten there first, setting lethal traps throughout the property.  The other criminal is not just a run-of-the-mill burglar, or even a serial killer; he’s a collector of people.  Suspenseful at times, and silly at others, The Collector is a creative and entertaining movie, especially for free here at PopcornFlix.


The Killer Shrews

Made in 1959, The Killer Shrews is one of those 50s sci-fi films that falls into the so-bad-it’s-good category.  Set on a remote island, The Killer Shrews centers on a scientist who is trying to perfect a formula that will shrink humans to half size and solve the world’s hunger problem.  He tests his potion on shrews, but the formula has the opposite effect – the shrews grow to monstrous sizes (and look suspiciously like dogs wearing fur costumes).  The excitement continues as the giant shrews stalk, corner, and hunt the humans on the island.  Thanks to the outlandish premise and mediocre production values, the film is best enjoyed MST3K-style in the company of a fun group of like-minded bad movie fans.  The Killer Shrews can be viewed in its original black and white here at BMovies.com, or colorized here at SnagFilms.


The Prowler

An early entry into the golden age of the slasher movie, The Prowler (1981) is the story of a psychotic WWII veteran who, after being jilted by his lover in 1945, goes on a murder spree.  Thirty five years later, in 1980, the murders start up again, with everyone wondering if the killer could possibly be the same one from so long ago.  Directed by Joseph Zito, who would go on to make Chuck Norris action movies like Missing in Action and Invasion U.S.A., The Prowler has all the ingredients of a classic slasher; a creepy killer with a backstory, a high body count of oversexed teenagers, and lots of blood.  Check it out here on Hulu.


The Other

Whether they’re in The Shining or Dead Ringers, twins are always kinda creepy.  The Other (1972) is a supernatural horror film about a pair of twins who play a very unusual “game” that was taught to them by their grandmother, a game that allows them to have out-of-body experiences, projecting their minds to places where their bodies can’t go.  A great example of the type of psychological thriller that was typical of early seventies horror, The Other combines spooky imagery with a shocking ending that will haunt the viewer long after the closing credits have ended.  This underappreciated classic can be seen here on YouTube.