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Tightwad Terror Tuesday - the best free movies on the web. Feature Image by Chris Fischer.

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Whoa, is it Tuesday again already?  That means it’s time for more free movies from Tightwad Terror Tuesday!  Enjoy…


Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 5-8-18 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
My Friend Dahmer (2017), courtesy FilmRise.

My Friend Dahmer

My Friend Dahmer is a 2017 movie about the early life of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.  Essentially, it covers the murderer’s high school years before he had done any killing, but he still showed plenty of signs of what he would become.

The movie was based on a graphic novel that was written by one of Dahmer’s high school acquaintances (and characters in the film), so while it is most likely sensationalized to some degree, My Friend Dahmer can be considered and “true story.”  Fact or fiction, it’s still a creepily engaging account of a real-life serial killer.  Catch My Friend Dahmer right here at Kanopy.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 5-8-18 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
Cub (2014), courtesy Artsploitation Films.


Cub is about a bullied boy scout who goes on a camping trip with his troop into an area where a legendary werewolf boy supposedly lives.  The boy discovers that the feral boy is not just a legend, he’s real.  But no one in his scout troop believes him.

This 2014 Dutch fright flick is moody and atmospheric, artsy enough to remind the viewer that it’s a foreign film but still accessible to audiences that usually hate subtitles.  Give Cub a shot over here at TubiTV.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 5-8-18 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011), courtesy Oscilloscope.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

With Lynne Ramsey’s You Were Never Really Here slowly tearing up the indie film circuit, it’s as good a time as any to revisit her breakthrough movie We Need to Talk About Kevin.  This 2011 critical darling is about a woman who struggles to come to terms with the disaffected son who has torn her family apart through his carefully plotted psychological terrorism.

We Need to Talk About Kevin is a very disturbing movie.  It’s not an overt horror movie, but it’s the type of film that will stick with you for days after you see it.  A pre-Flash Ezra Miller stars as the titular Kevin, and his parents are played by the magnificent Tilda Swinton and the equally magnificent John C. Reilly.  It also features a brilliant score from Jonny Greenwood.  Have a look at We Need to Talk About Kevin here at Kanopy.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 5-8-18 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
Vicious Lips (1986), courtesy Empire Pictures.

Vicious Lips

Vicious Lips is a futuristic romp about an all-girl band who is offered the gig of a lifetime.  The only problem is that it is on the other side of the galaxy, and their singer just died.  Not to be discouraged, the band finds a new singer and steals a spaceship to get them there, but the journey is filled with monsters, robots, and cannibals that all seem to want to keep them from getting to their big show.

This 1986 space opera is just as silly as it sounds.  The music may be bad, but the creatures are fun, so the whole thing has king of a low-rent Roger Corman vibe to it (it was produced by an uncredited Charles Band, for what that’s worth).  Check out Vicious Lips here at Vudu.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 5-8-18 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
Stan Lee’s Mutants, Monsters & Marvels (2002), courtesy Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Stan Lee’s Mutants, Monsters & Marvels

This last one is not horror, but there’s plenty of fanboy crossover interest, and with the new Avengers: Infinity War movie breaking box-office records, it’s time to meet the man behind the heroes with Stan Lee’s Mutants, Monsters & Marvels.

Made in 2002, this documentary is actually two movies in one (Creating Spider-Man and Here Come the Heroes) and basically features super-fan Kevin Smith interviewing his idol, Stan Lee, about his life and work.  There are a lot of cool stories in the movie, but it’s for Marvel freaks only.  If this is you, you can find Stan Lee’s Mutants, Monsters & Marvels here at Crackle.


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Feature image courtesy Chris Fischer.