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Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 4-2-19 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
Hereditary (2018), courtesy A24.


In case you’ve been under a rock for the last year or so, Hereditary is about a woman who struggles with strange occult occurrences after the death of her mother.  That’s pretty much all you should know about Hereditary going in.  Trust me.

Hereditary is an absolute must-watch 2018 debut from writer/director Ari Aster.  An Oscar-snubbed performance from Toni Collette and a breakout role for Milly Shapiro are the anchors, while Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolff, and Ann Dowd round out the cast.  Hereditary is one of the best movies of 2018, so if you’ve somehow missed it, correct that right here at Kanopy.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 4-2-19 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992), courtesy Warner Bros.

Memoirs of an Invisible Man

Memoirs of an Invisible Man is a creative and comedic take on the age-old H.G. Wells concept of, well, a guy who turns invisible.  This time, the invisible man is a yuppie who is accidentally made transparent in a freak accident.  While he tries to find a “cure” for his affliction, a CIA agent tries to recruit him as a spy.

This 1992 romp is one of director John Carpenter’s more unsung movies, made as the filmmaker was looking to break out of his Master of Horror mold.  Chevy Chase plays the lead character, Daryl Hannah portrays his love interest, and Sam Neill shows up as the CIA agent.  Have a look at Memoirs of an Invisible Man here at Vudu.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 4-2-19 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
The Lazarus Project (2008), courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE).

The Lazarus Project

Not to be confused with 2015’s The Lazarus Effect, The Lazarus Project is a 2008 movie about a death row inmate who inexplicably wakes up from his execution and is given a job as a groundskeeper at a mental hospital.  He is not allowed to see any of his old family or friends, and soon begins to wonder if his second chance at life is part of a more sinister plot.

The Lazarus Project is confusing and predictable, but it’s still better than The Lazarus Effect.  The lead is played by Paul Walker in the middle of his The Fast and the Furious stardom, so you pretty much know what you’re getting with that.  Check out The Lazarus Project here at Crackle.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 4-2-19 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
Run for Your Life (2015), courtesy Indie Rights Movies.

Run for Your Life

Run for You Life is about a troubled young man who desperately wants to escape from his pain and make a new life for himself.  He starts having nightmares, and soon enough, the creature in his dreams follows him into his real life, serving as a constant reminder of a terror that awaits him if he doesn’t change his ways.

This 2015 offering is a neat and tidy little thriller from writer/director/cinematographer Christopher Sheffield.  It’s a pretty engaging microbudget movie, and at just a bit over an hour, it’s well worth the time investment.  Watch Run for Your Life here at TubiTV.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 4-2-19 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
War of the Satellites (1958), courtesy Allied Artists Pictures.

War of the Satellites

War of the Satellites is a 1958 sci-fi movie in which an alien force warns the Earth to stop sending satellites into space.  Of course, the Earth keeps doing it, so a “War of the Satellites” is declared (so it’s not just a clever name).

War of the Satellites is a classic B-movie directed by Roger Corman.  Because it was directed by Corman, it also stars the late Dick Miller.  It’s not one of Corman’s more memorable movies, but it’s a lot of fun.  Catch War of the Satellites here at ShoutFactoryTV.


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Feature image courtesy Chris Fischer.