Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 9-30-14 – The Best Free Horror Movies on the Web

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Whether you’re broke or just cheap, iHorror’s got you covered.  Here’s this week’s batch of free horror movies for your viewing pleasure.


Ginger Snaps

Coming out of the “cool” era of teen horror movies in 2001, Ginger Snaps tells the tale of two sisters, outcasts at their high school, who are attacked by a mysterious beast.  One of the girls is bitten and becomes a werewolf, giving her the confidence and ability to stand up to her bullies.  As far as wolf-man movies go, Ginger Snaps is a fun little modernization of the trope, and has become somewhat of a modern classic because of its hip vibe.  Convincing performances from Katharine Isabelle as the werewolf sister and Emily Perkins as the non-werewolf sister are at the heart of this one.  For lycanthrope fans, Ginger Snaps is essential viewing, and it can be caught here on Hulu.


The Amazing Transparent Man

Part horror movie, part heist film, The Amazing Transparent Man is about a safecracker who gets busted out of prison by a mad scientist.  There’s a method to the doctor’s madness, however; he needs a radioactive ingredient to continue the perfection of his invisibility ray, and he forces the criminal to use his skills to steal the substance.  Should be an easy enough theft, though, as the scientist plans on turning the safecracker invisible in order to commit the robbery.  Made in 1960, The Amazing Transparent Man is a cool b-movie from the glory days of sci-fi.  It’s also got some pretty impressive effects, considering the time period in which it was made and the budgetary constraints of the production.  You can watch stuff disappear here at Snagfilms.


Lucky Bastard

Lucky Bastard is about a porn website called, yep, Lucky Bastard, which selects an “average joe” to have sex with one of the site’s starlets on camera.  The newest Bastard that has been selected is an unstable young man and, of course, things do not go well.  Just released earlier this year, Lucky Bastard is a found footage movie, but it does the subgenre right; there’s an organic and obvious reason for the cameras to be rolling the entire time.  It also features some of the least-sexy sex ever committed to videotape, making the film a fairly accurate account of the adult film industry.  If found footage is your thing, Lucky Bastard may be for you.  Find out here on Hulu.


Nightmares in Red, White and Blue

Just as the name implies, Nightmares in Red, White and Blue is a documentary about American horror movies, reaching as far back as Edison Studio’s 1910 silent version of Frankenstein and going all the way up to the year that the doc was made, 2009.  The film recounts the social and political histories of the horror genre through interviews with both influential filmmakers and academic scholars.  The movie is all brought together through the narration of Lance Henriksen, who has a voice that is as instantly recognizable to horror fans as Morgan Freeman’s is to the mainstream public.  Lots of fun facts, deep insight, and cool clips are in this one.  Check it out here on Popcornflix.


The Strange Possession of Mrs. Oliver

The Strange Possession of Mrs. Oliver is a 1977 T.V. movie about a bored woman, aptly named Miriam Oliver, who is trapped in an unhappy marriage.  While out shopping one day, Miriam buys a blond wig on a whim, and is suddenly transformed into a woman named Sandy who died five years earlier.  The teleplay for this one was written by the late Richard Matheson, and the film stars the late Karen Black as Mrs. Oliver and the not-late George Hamilton as her husband.  A true master of horror storytelling, Richard Matheson never wrote a word that wasn’t worth checking out, and The Strange Case of Mrs. Oliver is suitably creepy in a Night Gallery/The Twilight Zone kind of way.  See for yourself here on YouTube.