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Congratulations, Tightwads!  You’re another week older, and that much closer to your inevitable death!  Here’s a batch of free movies to help you kill the time while you wait it out…

Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 9-13-16 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
Creature (1985)


Creature is about a salvage team that heads to one of the moons of Saturn to investigate a previous lost expedition.  When they arrive, they find that a German crew has beaten them there – but that just means that the Germans found the maneating alien that resides on the moon first.  As you can probably figure out from the name, this 1985 sci-fi horror flick is a creature feature.  Originally called The Titan Find (Titan being the moon of Saturn on which it takes place), Creature was written and directed by William Malone, and it features a typically far-out performance from the always-entertaining Klaus Kinski.  Find The Titan Find, aka Creature, right here at Popcornflix.