Hey Tightwads, it’s the beginning of a new month.  Are your wallets a little light after coughing up the rent?  Don’t sweat it.  Here’s another batch of free movies that you can catch from the warm glow of your computer…as long as your internet is still turned on.

Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 8-2-16 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
Hostel (2005)


A couple of years ago, Tightwad Terror Tuesday pointed you towards the third movie in the Hostel franchise.  Now, we’ve got the far superior original.  Hostel is about a trio of backpackers who are abducted and sold to the highest bidder in a Slovakian murder-for-pay scheme.  This Eli Roth gorefest made a huge splash upon its release in 2005, almost single-handedly jump-starting the “torture porn” craze with its brutal imagery and graphic violence.  It’s one of the best horror movies of the 21st century, so if you haven’t seen it (or just want to revisit it), you can find it here at TubiTV.