Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 10-28-14 – The Best Free Movies on the Web – Halloween Edition

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It’s Halloween.  Between buying candy for the little ghoulies and dropping a boat load of cash on your own costume, you’re probably pretty broke right now.  Don’t sweat it…just sit back, relax, and get ready for this special Halloween version of Tightwad Terror Tuesday.


Satan’s Little Helper

Satan’s Little Helper is a 2004 direct-to-video movie about a little boy who is obsessed with a video game called, yep, Satan’s Little Helper.  While playing outside on Halloween, the boy comes across a psychotic killer dressed as a devil and, wanting to imitate his video game, becomes his “little helper.”  The boy unintentionally assists the devil all night in committing murders around the neighborhood.  Directed by Jeff Lieberman, who also did Squirm, this is a weirdly entertaining movie.  Also stars Katheryn Winnick from Vikings and Amanda Plummer from Pulp Fiction.  Check it out here at Popcornflix.


Night of the Demons

There’s a lot to love about Night of the Demons.  The film is about an outcast girl who throws a party on Halloween night, and all of the popular kids come out to it because the party happens to be at a spooky abandoned mortuary.  Of course, demons are summoned and teenagers die.  Where to start with this one?  It’s got one of the most memorable scenes in scream queen Linnea Quigley’s career, one that involves a tube of lipstick and an intimate area of the body.  It’s also got an insane wraparound that has nothing to do with the main narrative.  Add in some nifty opening credits animation, and you’ve got a bona-fide winner.  Night of the Demons was remade in 2009, but you can see the original 1988 classic here on Hulu.



Although it also goes by the generically boring name Halloween Night, the more awesomely titled Hack-O-Lantern is the story of a young boy named Tommy who, once he is of age, is lured into a religious cult by his grandfather.  Tommy’s town is also playing host to a bunch of grave robbers and a masked serial killer, all of which may or may not be related to Grandpa’s satanic friends.  Oh, and everything happens on, you guessed it, Halloween night.  Hack-O-Lantern is brainless fun, well shot but lacking any real substance.  This lost 1988 gem is still worth the time for fans of low-budget slasher movies.  See it for yourself here on YouTube.


The Fear: Halloween Night

Made in 1999, The Fear: Halloween Night is a sequel to the 1995 movie The Fear, and it follows basically the same premise; a group of people are brought together to confront their darkest fears and conquer them.  The confrontation takes place at a party that is set on, yep, Halloween.  The villain, a wooden dummy named Morty who comes to life and uses each subject’s repressed phobia to torment and kill them, is the same wisecracking tree-face as he is in the original film.  The Fear: Halloween Night is a clever movie, if you can forgive the fact that Morty is basically rehashing Freddy Krueger’s old territory.  It works well as a standalone film, so even if you’re unfamiliar with the first The Fear movie, you can jump right into this one.  Hop aboard here at Popcornflix.


The Hollow

The Hollow is a 2004 made-for-TV modernization of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  Well, not really a modernization, more like a sequel.  It’s the story of a teenage boy who discovers that he is the last descendant of Ichabod Crane.  The Headless Horseman comes back to sever the bloodline of his mortal enemy.  Oh yeah, and it all takes place on Halloween night.  Keep a sharp eye out in this one for Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory and Nick Carter from The Backstreet Boys.  A veritable smorgasbord of familiar faces, The Hollow also stars Stacy Keach and Judge Reinhold.  It’s pretty dark and scary for what is essentially a children’s tale.  The Hollow can be seen here on YouTube.

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