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Hey Tightwads, we’re almost to February.  Close out January strong with this batch of free movies, courtesy of iHorror and Tightwad Terror Tuesday.

Tightwad Terror Tuesday for 1-31-17 – The Best Free Movies on the Web
1984 (1984), courtesy MGM.


This week, the great John Hurt lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.  Hurt was best known as Kane, the astronaut who had an alien burst out of his chest in Alien, but he was one of the most celebrated and storied actors of his generation.  One of his most fascinating roles was in the 1984 adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984.

Seemingly ripped from today’s headlines, 1984 is about a dystopian futuristic society where the past is always being re-written into “alternative facts” and the population is kept in the dark so that they are easier to govern.  Hurt’s character commits the biggest sin; he falls in love.  It’s not a straight-up horror film, but the ideas behind it are terrifying.  The novel was originally published in 1949, and there was another version of it made in the fifties, but this one was shot in the area and time period that the story takes place, making it even more ominous.  Everyone in America today should see 1984, and you can see it right here at Vudu.