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This Unreleased Romero Film Was Called His “Most Overtly Horrifying”

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We recently reported that the late great George A. Romero left behind nearly 50 scripts that we may one day see produced. Consequence of Sound reports the George A. Romero Foundation also plans to restore “The Amusement Park,” an unreleased Romero film from 1973.

“The Amusement Park” is not a horror film, but it’s said to be deeply disturbing all the same. It’s a 60-minute film about ageism, and while it was shot like a PSA for TV, it was never used and has since fallen through the cinematic cracks. The 1973 movie, which he filmed between “Season of the Witch” and “The Crazies,” is not even part of Romero’s IMDB page.

Daniel Kraus, noted writer behind “Trollhunters” and “The Shape of Water,” was lucky enough to see this mysterious film recently. In a Twitter stream, he described it as “a revelation,” and said it may be “Romero’s most overtly horrifying film” with only “Night of the Living Dead” as a possible exception. Kraus added, “the scholar Tony Williams, who saw the film 30 years ago, wrote ‘The film is far too powerful for American society…It must remain under lock & key never seeing the light of day.'”

You can read Kraus’s full comments below:

That sounds pretty intriguing, doesn’t it?

Right now, there’s nowhere to view this piece of forgotten film history. However, the George A. Romero Foundation is accepting donations to help restore it. If you’re interested, consider making a donation to ensure that this film finally sees the light of day.

Image source: Coyau / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

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