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‘This is the Zodiac Speaking’ Places You in the Zodiac Killer Investigation

by Trey Hilburn III

Ever want to be part of the Zodiac Killer investigations? The mysterious and illusive, serial killer still remains free till this day. David Fincher’s film Zodiac was a near perfect look at the investigation at the time, and remains one of the most intensely close looks at exactly what transpired.

Now, the Punk Punk Games and Klabater teams are unleashing a game that tracks the investigation of the Killer in their, This is the Zodiac Speaking.

The games story synopsis goes like this:

Autumn evening 1973. Robert Hartnell, a journalist working for a San Francisco Times and absorbed in the case, receives a mysterious note from the Zodiac himself. The killer lures Robert into meeting at Mount Diablo. Interested and hoping for exciting materials that will spark his career Robert agrees to meet Zodiac which almost costs him his life and leaves him wounded, traumatized, suffering from depression and even more obsessed with the serial killer then before.

 After the assault Robert starts attending a therapy sessions with doctor Landau to deal with his trauma. During the sessions he will have to face the killer and find out more about his killings to re-enact them and save the souls of Zodiac’s victims.

The game isn’t an exact retelling of history, instead it does place some of those real life clues in the game, but does allow for you to create your own story within them. It also leads to multiple possible endings.

This is the Zodiac Speaking releases on Sept. 24 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS.

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