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This Illustrator Uses Sticky Notes for His Horror Art

Mike JoyceGallery, Horror Art1 Comment

By day, John Kenn Mortensen is a father who writes and produces children’s television programs. By night, he draws witches, killer clowns and creepy crawly monsters attacking children. Rather than creating his nightmarish visions on canvas or even a digital screen, he makes his horror art on yellow Post-It notes.

Mortensen’s creepy art is inspired by those things that lurk underneath the bed when the lights go out. Check out his terrifying use of office supplies on his Instagram page:



Continue on to page 2 for more of John Kenn Mortensen’s creepy horror art, and a link to his book.

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Mike watched "Night of the Living Dead" on PBS when he was a little kid, and he thought it was a documentary. He's been hooked on horror ever since. By day, Mike is a UX writer. He lives in the Boston area with his wife and their golden retriever.