Originally hitting the market in 1977, Chia Pets have been an enduring ‘toy’ throughout the decades, allowing both children and adults alike to grow highly unique plants. Chia seeds are added to pottery planters shaped like various animals, typically giving the flowering plant the appearance of fur.

Over the years, the Chia Pets line has expanded to include all sorts of pop culture icons, from fictional characters like Spongebob and Shrek to real-life figures such as Mr. T and even President Barack Obama. The sky is truly the limit, and now the line is drawing inspiration from the horror genre.

chia zombies

Capitalizing on the zombie explosion ushered in by the massive success of The Walking Dead, Joseph Enterprises has whipped up a line of Chia Zombies, comprised of three different undead characters. Available now in stores, these unique Chia Zombies allow you to literally grow your own zombie friends.

Lifeless Lisa and Creepy Holden feature zombie heads as the pottery planters, with the chia seeds sprouting to give them heads of stringy zombie hair, while ‘Restless Arm’ is the most unique of the bunch. The planter is a gnarly looking arm, and the plant itself makes it appear as if the arm is emerging from the ground.

Check out the Chia Zombies commercial below, and look for them in stores like Home Depot, CVS, and Rite Aid. They can also be purchased from Amazon, if you’d rather not leave the house. Because really, who the hell wants to leave the house anyway? There are monsters worse than zombies out there!

[youtube id=”mQFwh5p3_hA”]