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Last year we showed you an incredible Jaws-inspired baby bed that one awesome father hand-crafted, which filled many of you with the desire to shrink down to a smaller size and take a nap on it. Well get ready to be filled with similar desires, thanks to this Ghostbusters bunk bed.

The handiwork of designer Dave Delisle, who runs the blog Dave’s Geeky Ideas, this brilliant bunk bed is modeled after the Ghostbusters’ iconic Ecto-1 vehicle, which they of course drive around New York City on the hunt for ghosts to bust.

“The ladder is usually on the passenger side of the vehicle, however I moved it over for presentation purposes,” Delisle said of his creation. “The front of the Ecto-1 would serve as a trunk for storage.”

Unfortunately, the Ecto-1 bunk bed is merely a design concept rather than a finished product, so those who want one will have to hire a custom furniture builder to bring Dave’s design to life. It’ll likely cost you an arm and a leg, Dave says, but you’ll instantly become the coolest parent in town.

Oh, to be a kid again.

Ghostbusters bed