Written by Patti Pauley

I can certainly appreciate a good prank. Lordy knows with such garbage and negativity overcoming this planet in recent years, hell we welcome a good laugh! Bonus points if the prank highlights the horror genre with a beloved icon we all love dearly; and as a matter of fact a daycare in Jacksonville, Florida pulled a mighty nice Freddy Krueger prank on some unsuspecting kiddos in the middle of their Halloween party. Oh and no, you didn’t read that wrong- I did say Daycare. In the middle of spooky story-time, a man dressed as the villainous legend minus the fedora, jumped out of nowhere at the kids and possibly soiled some diapers in the process.



Well, since the video of the prank surfaced, it has gone viral and has an array of parents up in arms over the debacle. Many appalled parents are stating how inappropriate the stunt was, and has the daycare under fire from a lot of pissed off social media parental debaters. Many of the comments on the YouTube video calls for the parents to actually press charges and sue the Jacksonville daycare for possibly traumatizing some of the children.

Just a few samples of enraged individuals courtesy of the YouTube comments section:

 “This is honestly bothering me. I would like the name of the daycare so I can report them and the adults that allowed this to happen. When a parent sends their child to school they expect them to be safe and properly cared for. This completely shattered these children’s sense of safety and someone needs to be held accountable. I would seriously press charges if my child was involved. If anyone knows the name of this daycare please share.”

“Shameful! This place needs to be shut down!”

“Somebody should lose their job over this! I’d like to know who is going to be responsible to pay for the psychotherapy most of these children are going to need because of this very stupid prank!”

The daycare causing a shit-storm on the Interwebs, Shirley’s Victorious Learning Center, has stated the parents of the little ones enrolled were very much aware of the festivities and that they’ve received no complaints from them personally and that social media is taking the clip entirely out of context. In an interview with local Florida station ActionJax News , co-owner LaVeisha Burris explained that the clip (seen directly below) only showed the entrance and that the kids were hanging out and chatting with Mr. Krueger afterward.



Do you think it’s just a harmless prank and people are overreacting? Or, do you believe this was legitimately crossing the line. Let’s talk about this in the comments below!