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This Feminist Horror Short Is Totally Metal

by Mike Joyce
Feminist horror

Horror movies and heavy metal go hand in hand. However, the media rarely portrays female metal fans well. Laurel Vail’s feminist horror short “What Metal Girls Are Into” takes a bloody axe to the stereotypes about women in the metal community. 

When it comes to heavy metal-loving characters in film and TV, they’re almost always male. The few metal girls in media are usually caricatures, rather than real people with depth. They’re either just psychotic sidekicks, or they’re only into metal because their boyfriends are. Vail takes these stereotypes on and has a hell of a lot of fun with it.

The film centers around three friends who are traveling to a metal festival. Their creepy Airbnb host seems to think he knows what metal girls are into, and he leaves them some “gifts.” When push comes to shove, these girls have to take action, and the result is a bloody good time. Vail isn’t part of the heavy metal community, but she hired a “metal consultant” to help keep things authentic.

Check out the trailer here:


Out of Spite Productions explains the theme of the film:

“The backbone of this story is the fight against men who feel entitled to the attention of any woman they want. The villain is basically a Men’s Right’s Advocate type of creep, who feels put upon just because all women don’t want to pay attention to him. Some men can’t accept that women have the right to decide what to care about. This film is an exaggerated version of this struggle.”

After a successful Indigogo campaign, “What Metal Girls Are Into” has been crushing it on the festival circuit, winning Best Short at the American Horror Film Festival. You can see the full list of festivals and awards at the Out of Spite Productions page, and find out where you can see it.


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