It’s time for a little Science Sunday here at iHorror and today I bring you one of the most interesting, and horrifying creatures of the sea, the Black Dragonfish. Typically being found at depths of between 5000-7000 feet. With it’s distinct looking long fang-like teeth and body structure, it unarguably resembles the chestburster from the movie Alien. 


Because the fish resides in the deeper depths of the ocean, the Black Dragonfish can indeed produce it’s own light in the red/infrared range, as well as in the blue/green range.


It’s bizarre method of sexual reproduction makes this creature of the deep unique among others. The species possesses one of the strangest and most extreme cases of sexual dimorphism in the whole sea of the animal kingdom. The females (pictured above) usually reach sizes of about 40cm long, while the males only grow to be about 5cm and are dark brown rather than the “Alien” black. Male dragonfish also don’t have a functioning digestive system, teeth, or any of the other defining characteristics of the females of the species. So basically, their sole function in life is reproduction. Sorry guys. The Alien mother has spoken. The eyes nearly almost detach from the rest of the body, located at the ends of long flexible stalks that are nearly the length of the larval forms whole body. These then slowly retreat into the skull of the fish as it develops into maturity. Fantastic.


Let us take a moment and appreciate the fact that something like this actually exists in our mysterious ocean depths. Mainly because my (and I’m sure some you reading this) horror loving persona found this extremely fascinating.

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