There are few movie monsters more genuinely unsettling than the Alien franchise’s FaceHuggers, which sound pleasant but are anything but. The second stage in the life cycle of a Xenomorph, the FaceHugger latches onto your face and basically rapes your mouth, implanting a baby alien into your stomach.

Needless to say, there’s nothing even remotely appetizing about these nasty spider-like monsters, but that didn’t stop one DIY donut-maker from using them as the inspiration for tasty treats. As spotted over on Nerdist, Timmy Hanno has perfected the art of the FaceHugger donut, and oh boy is it gross. And delicious.

Hanno runs an Instagram account entirely dedicated to his confectionery creations, which often depict iconic pop culture characters and images. His girlfriend is the guinea pig for his unique brand of donuts, and he also recently made one for her that’s shaped like a Xenomorph head.

She loves Sigourney Weaver more than me I’m pretty sure,” Hanno notes, citing this as the reason why he subjects her to eating FaceHuggers and Xenomorphs.

Check out the two deliciously horrifying donuts below. The FaceHugger is a raspberry fritter, decorated with icing, while the Xenomorph is a jelly-filled donut. Yum!