This 2016 Horror Movie Trailer is Horrifyingly Spot On


Written by Patti Pauley

Let’s all say it together now, 2016 can suck a great big bag of diseased Ebola dicks.

At least the majority of the masses seem to feel that way. Although I’m the type of person to think things could always be worse, I sure as hell can understand where a lot of you are coming from when they say 2016 has been one of the worst years in recent memory. The losses of countless childhood heroes such as Bowie, Prince, and most recently my favorite princess, Carrie Fisher along with her beautiful mother Miss Debbie Reynolds just a mere 24 hours later and too many more to mention (seriously, we could be here all night). The dire situation in Syria. One of the most controversial, and heated elections I’ve ever been alive to witness. And lest we not forget, any personal circumstances of every individual that one may be having causing a rough year on top of the shit show these past 12 months have shown to be for so many.

As we’re nearing a close to 2016, and happily kick its fat, hairy ass out the door, I wanted to share something I had come across on the glorious Internet with some of you horror fans. Something we certainly could all appreciate. Podcasters and Web Series Filmmakers Friend Dog Studiosmust have felt the same as a lot of you when it comes to this crap-tastic year; so much so, they went as far as to make a faux horror movie trailer for the lovely year we’re about to leave behind for good. And they did a damn good job.


That Trump mask tho…. Shudders.

Joking aside, this could actually be a really great horror movie if they were to seriously make it. So if you’re reading this Film Dog, go for it!


  1. ‘murder by proxy’. does that mean when you go to war and kill because you have been told to? .then why are there not more in jail….(we know who ) ….This is what we call ‘murder by proxy’. A proxy murder is defined as a
    murder in which the murderer does so at the behest of another, acting as
    his or her proxy.

  2. I dont see Lone bear comment as what u reffered to as ” liberal psycho babble bullshit” ….what they said is as accurate as it gets! The Military do just as they stated: they “murder in which the murderer does so at the behest of another, acting as his or her proxy.” As in they follow what the government leads them to do as they are told, no questions asked…..why do you think so many of our Veterans suffer from PTSD?!?!?!

  3. Depends on motive ……WWII was war to protect nations. Wars to conquer people are murder by proxy.


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