Third Season of Netflix’s ‘Dark’ Sets Premiere Date with New Trailer

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The third and final season of Dark is headed to Netflix this summer and the streaming platform released a brand new trailer to herald the end, and to provide fans with just a taste of what they’ll see in the upcoming finale.

The twisting, turning  series created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese has been a hit for Netflix since it first debuted in 2017 with some of the streamer’s reportedly highest viewership.

The series is set in a German town where the disappearance of two children begin to unlock the secrets shared by four central families. As the mystery of the series has progressed, the apocalypse has loomed ever-larger, and all ten episodes of the final season of Dark will premiere on July 27th, which just happens to be coincide with the date of the imminent end.

“Everything in life occurs in cycles, but this is the last cycle,” the trailer says, and from what we’re seeing it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

According to DeadlineDark was one of Netflix’s first big international successes and it has continued to hold onto its steadfast fans.

With the end of the series very, very nigh, the final ten chapters will no doubt pull out all the stops, and will hopefully provide followers with the ending they deserve.

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