‘They Live’s Keith David to Star in ‘Tales from the Hood 2’

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While I chose to cite his immortal role as Frank in John Carpenter’s 1988 cult classic They Live when titling this article, in truth, it’s but one of many memorable parts that actor Keith David has played over the course of his long career.

In addition to also playing Childs in Carpenter’s 1982 masterpiece The Thing, David showed his comedic chops as Mary’s dad in There’s Something About Mary, and desperately tried to survive alongside Vin Diesel’s Riddick in Pitch Black.

David has also wracked up dozens of great voice acting roles, due to the fact that his golden baritone is incredibly pleasant to the ear. He voiced Goliath in the popular Disney cartoon Gargoyles, as well as Spawn in the HBO animated version of the character.

Now, Dread Central reports that David is set to take over as the host/narrator character in the upcoming sequel to 1995’s racially-charged anthology film Tales from the Hood. Original actor Clarence Williams III has since retired from show business, requiring a replacement.

It’s a bit unclear if Keith David will be playing the same character that Williams did, or if he’ll be playing a new sinister tour guide. Returning for Tales from the Hood 2 are director Rusty Cundieff and producer Darin Scott, who also co-wrote the first film.

Tales from the Hood 2 – which may not be the film’s final title – is currently in production in New Orleans. A projected release date for the sequel has yet to be revealed, but in the age of Get Out, one imagines a distributor won’t be hard to find.

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