These Hellraiser Cupcakes Are Hellishly Delicious

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We’ve profiled some pretty tasty treats here on iHorror in the past, including an Alien-inspired Face Hugger doughnut that still gives us nightmares – really delicious nightmares. For more where that came from, you can check out our galleries of 15 Disturbing Cakes and 25 Horror Movie Cakes.

Today we’re serving up a collection of five tasty cupcakes based on Hellraiser, Clive Barker’s 1987 horror film that we love around here at the iHorror offices. And though these particular confectionery treats are admittedly repulsive to look at, we still can’t help but desire to sink our teeth into them.

Cake-maker Janine Makes Cakes is responsible for the Hellraiser cupcakes, which bring iconic imagery from the movie into the kitchen. With edible nails sticking out of one cupcake, it looks like the top of Pinhead’s head, while another recreates the Chatterer’s gruesome mouth.

The horrific creations are part of the artist’s fittingly titled Sinister Selection, a collection of cakes, cupcakes and cookies with a dark gothic theme. Most in the line are based on horror movies, made for, in Janine’s own words, “all the horror fans who want a cake that is a little different.”

Open wide and check out the full Hellraiser cupcake collection below!