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These Halloween Masks Combine Cereal Icons and Horror

by Trey Hilburn III

I’m pretty sure we all love horror, and I’m pretty dang certain we all love breakfast cereal. The cornerstone of many a Saturday morning was the best way to start your day away from school. For as long as I can remember, I have always looked forward to the yearly release of Genereal Mills horror based Count Chocula and gang lineup. But these Cereal Killer Halloween masks are further blurring the line between horror and cereal and we love it.

The folks over at The Best Little Horror House took horror and our favorite cereal icons and combined them to gnarly effect.

These hand-painted latex masks are twisted absolute alternate universe representations of familiar faces. From that rabbit whose soul purpose was to enjoy a bowl of cereal without kids coming in to take it away, to a toucan whose nose worked overtime to find special fruit flavored loops.

Phillip Griffith and Stephanie Riekena over at Best Little Horror House are based out of Los Angeles and have three decades of experience in the Halloween industry. In addition to their Cereal Killer line they have a bunch of other awesome handcrafted spooky designs.

You can order your own Cereal Killer line mask from The Best Little Horror House just in time for Halloween just head over to thebestlittlehorrorhouse.com.

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