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These Guys Saw What Happened to Monolith When It “Disappeared”

by Timothy Rawles
Bureau of Land Management - Utah

One of the craziest stories to cap off 2020 is the “Utah Monolith” that was discovered by sheep surveyors this past November. Just about 10 days later, the metallic structure disappeared without a trace.

On Monday, November 30, that mystery may have been solved by Ross Bernards, a Colorado photographer who says he was an eyewitness when it was removed. Sadly it wasn’t UFOs.

Bernards took to social media to recount what really happened. Allegedly.

He writes that on Friday, November 27, he and three friends went to look for the oddity themselves. They arrived at the site at about 7 pm, “after passing a sea of cars on our way in.”

The group hung around the infamous mystery monument for about 40 minutes when they suddenly heard voices coming up the canyon.

Screen grab from Ross Richards Photography on Instagram

“We were contemplating packing up our things as they walked up, so they could enjoy it for themselves like we did,” Bernard writes in a Facebook post. “At this point I looked down at my watch and it was 8:40 pm.”

At that point Bernard says four guys rounded a corner and approached the 12-foot-tall shiny object.

“They gave a couple of pushes on the monolith and one of them said ‘You better have got your pictures.’ He then gave it a big push, and it went over, leaning to one side. He yelled back to his other friends that they didn’t need the tools. The other guy with him at the monolith then said ‘this is why you don’t leave trash in the desert.’ Then all four of them came up and pushed it almost to the ground on one side, before they decided push it back the other when it then popped out and landed on the ground with a loud bang. They quickly broke it apart and as they were carrying to the wheelbarrow that they had brought one of them looked back at us all and said ‘Leave no trace.’ That was at 8:48.”

Screen grab from Ross Richards Photography on Instagram: Michael James Newlands

Screen grab from Ross Richards Photography on Instagram: Michael James Newlands

Bernard thought twice about taking pictures of the bandits and decided not to. However, his friend James Newlands, took some on his cellphone. You can see one HERE.

People may question why Bernards didn’t try to stop the pillar pirates at the time. He says that’s because he feels they were right to remove it.

“We stayed the night and the next day hiked to a hill top overlooking the area where we saw at least 70 different cars (and a plane) in and out,” he writes. “Cars parking everywhere in the delicate desert landscape. Nobody following a path or each other. We could literally see people trying to approach it from every direction to try and reach it, permanently altering the untouched landscape. Mother Nature is an artist, it’s best to leave the art in the wild to her.”

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, are still looking for the looters and ask, “If you recognize anyone from the lineup provided as being in the area of the strange structure on the night of November 27th, please let us know!”

The lineup they give is shown below:

Image may contain: 2 people

San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, NM

Header photo: Bureau of Land Management – Utah

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