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These Epic Thai Bug Spray Ads Are Terrifyingly Funny

by Timothy Rawles

Thailand insecticide brand Chaindrite has a slew of engaging bug spray commercials that you may or may have not seen last year. If you have, you undoubtedly found them amusing, and if you haven’t, you’re in for a real treat.

Thanks to ad agencies MullenLowe and TV production company Phenomena Bangkok, Chaindrite delivers some of the most engagingly epic ads centered around the battle between household pests and humans.

Below is a video compilation of the ads beginning with a “Naughty Mosquitoes.” The winged bloodsucker won’t leave its hosts alone while they try and watch TV on the couch. That is until it gets a dose of Chaindrite over the head. But where there’s one mosquito, there’s most likely two, and the other’s fate is already sealed.

Next, we get a variety of disease-spreading bugs who taunt the homeowners, threatening to expose them to all sorts of ailments in the kitchen. Mom accidentally grabs the wrong can of spray to which the bugs laugh. But they aren’t laughing for long.

Perhaps the most impressive advert is the one featuring an over-indulgent mosquito, chowing down on the outside of a couple’s house. Again, out comes the Chaindrite can, but this time it doesn’t appear to work. The twist ending is commercial gold and if it doesn’t immediately make you ask “where can I get this stuff?” then your immune to impulsive ad pressure.

These ads went viral last year and it’s easy to see why: the creativity goes far beyond the budget. Using bug costumes and real actors instead of animation allows for impeccable comic timing between the humans. Although these ads might not amuse PETA, they will undoubtedly tickle your funny bone.

Where was this stuff for Mira Sorvino in Mimic? Take a look:

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