These Deep-Sea Fish Are the Stuff of Nightmares

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Roman Fedortsov is a fisherman on a trawler based out of Murmansk, Russia. Sometimes the nets drag up some particularly strange-looking deep-sea fish, and he shares them on Twitter.

Recently, images of these creatures have been shared across the internet, and many of them are downright terrifying. The featured image above looks like something out of a Guillermo Del Toro film, and others look like they slithered right out of the upcoming “Alien: Covenant.”

scary deep-sea creature

Did a Pacific Rim-style portal open up and let the kaiju into our world? Did these fisherman stumble upon a gateway to Hell that’s unleashed imps, cacodemons and Hellknights? Seriously, LOOK at this thing:

Scary deep-sea fish.

According to Science Alert, these fish live in what’s known as the Mesopelagic zone, which extends as deep as 3,300 feet below the surface. Relatively speaking, that’s not even that far down. Just imagine what else is down there.

The ocean is really, really deep, and there’s still a lot that we don’t know about it. Sweet dreams!

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