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These Bath Bombs will have you Bathing in Blood!

by Piper St. James

Porcelain Wolf’s horror themed bath bombs are the answer to “what do you get the horror loving girl in your life who has everything?”  These bath bombs are the perfect indulgence for those of us who love blood, fragrances, and a bit of sparkle; and just in time for Valentine’s Day too!

Porcelain Wolf is the co-collaboration of Vanessa James and Shannon Soria.  The girls are based out of Los Angeles, and if you’re local you can find their homemade products at the renowned Dark Delicacies shop on Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank.  For the rest of us their online store at PorcelainWolf.com contains their entire collection of twisted creations, and be sure to check back often as these girls are constantly releasing newly inspired goodies!  However, with their current internet explosion of exposure, some of the products may be temporarily out of stock.  Be patient, they are worth the wait!

As a horror aficionado I fully appreciate the whole experience of this product; from the packaging to the fizzy release of colors from the bath bomb.  These girls have really thought of everything!  Enjoy bathing in products inspired by; A Nightmare on Elm Street, Carrie, Trick ‘r Treat, Jaws, and more!

Prom Queen bath bomb by Porcelain Wolf

Each bomb is themed specifically to a movie, and every aspect of that product stays in cannon with that world.  From appearance and scent, to the colors and packaging all pertain to that movie.  For instance, the Jason Voorhees themed bath bomb entitled He Lives is nestled inside a box adorned with a mockup of the ‘Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake’ sign.

He Lives is shaped as your typical round bath bomb, but is decorated as the machete wielding psychopath’s hockey mask.  The color released with the fizzing action of the bath bomb turns your bath water into a tranquil lake blue.  Then slowly as it dissolves away to the center your water suddenly becomes a bloody red!  You are now bathing in a blood bath!

He Lives bath bomb by Porcelain Wolf

To top of the experience the scent is a Woodsy Rum, not something random like cotton candy which would have no business being at Camp Crystal Lake.  These girls know their horror movies, after all, and they reserved the scent of cotton candy for their Pennywise inspired bath bomb.  This is a much more appropriate scent for the killer clown after all, and to top it off the bath bomb itself resembles the iconic red clown nose!  This creation is affectionately deemed It Floats, and it tickles my horror loving brain more than I can articulate.


IT Floats bath bomb by Porcelain Wolf

As an added little bonus, some of their horror themed bath bombs are hiding little surprises inside.  For instance, their Cannibal bath bomb inspired by Hannibal Lecter has a little message for you when it fully dissolves in the tub.  And wait until you see what’s hiding inside the Arachnophobia bomb!

Be sure to tell us which is your favorite bath bomb in the comments!

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