These ‘Baby Gremlin Pods’ Are Exactly What Our Collection Required

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What were the rules again? Something about not feeding ‘em after midnight, right? Well, looks like I wasn’t the only one to forget the very specific rules that lead to all out havoc by those chaotic, murderous Gremlin scamps.

DuBoseArt has made all of our baby Gremlin dreams come true with his latest offering. These cute little dudes are still in pod form and are something I am definitely going to need to add to my extensive Gremlin collection.

“Baby Gremlin Pods are cast in resin by Jonathan DuBose and a hair under 2in tall. Each Gremlin cast in off white/tan resin. Then black washed and encapsulated in a clear resin orb. It is then, attached to a fleshy gory base and sealed with wet look. They are an excellent addition to any Gremlins or Cult Classic Collection. ”  

Each of these dudes is ready to come introduce some much needed chaos into your home and or small town.

Head over to to get your very own adorbz Gremlin Baby Pod before they are all gone. Have one or two trusty blenders ready at home just in case they get out of hand.

New Pre-Orders Available! Click below: “ihorror“

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