Paranormal Activity

For better or for worse, Paranormal Activity is not going away. After all, if you could make such profitable movies on such small budgets, wouldn’t you keep pumping them out?

Paramount has set the date of March 21st, 2021 for the next installment in the franchise. By that time, we will have seen a six year gap between the still untitled film and Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, which was released in 2015.

The Ghost Dimension grossed only $78 million in comparison to the $207 million that the third film in the series brought it, marking a high for the franchise. Due to this, all future movies were put on hold. But after a short hiatus, it appears the found footage franchise is set to make a return.

As of now, there is no further information on the project. But we do have a date set, and we do know that Paramount still owns the rights to the series.

We’ll have to wait a bit until we get a little more information – but frankly, I think we all know what to expect by now. Parodied almost to death, Paranormal Activity became so popular and so satirized that it quickly became a meme.

And for a horror franchise, that marks death for any real scare factor.

Still, I always found the movies enjoyable. Many forget that the original film really broke new ground in the world of horror entertainment. But if you’re honest with yourself, you may recall fond memories of screaming your head off at every jump scare in a packed theater back when the series was still fresh.

Don’t lie – you know they’re fun! It’s okay…I’m not too proud to admit it.

As soon as we have more details, you’ll know. Stay tuned.

Thanks to The Wrap for the information.

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