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Fans and readers of iHorror know they can never spend too much money on the things we love, but this year they just threw money at the box office.

We were extra with ticket stubs in 2017, and it’s one for the record books; combined people spent $1.1 billion on the little slips of paper.

ComScore has neatly tallied the numbers for United States revenue resulting from horror movies that made over $5 million.

We have Pennywise to thank for the success because moviegoers are still purchasing tickets for It. Over the past eight weeks, the film has garnered $324 million dollars.

The House of Blum was no slouch at the ticket window this year either. Get Out and Split collectively made $313 million in their runs.

And in a case where a spin-off had mixed reactions, but its sequel went on to critical success, Annabelle: Creation dolled-up the box office with $102 million when all was said and done.

Horror movies are pretty scarce around the holidays as Oscar contenders settle in to appeal to Academy voters.

But never fear, Polaroid will be developing across screens nationwide on November 22 with He’s Out There on December 1, with The Shape of Water on December 8.

All of these titles keeping a safe distance away from a little movie about a Jedi coming out on December 15.