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‘The X-Files’: Annabeth Gish Returning, Robert Patrick Not

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As the hype and anticipation for January’s return of The X-Files continues to build, FOX has already confirmed the return of multiple supporting characters from the original series, including the Cigarette Smoking Man and the Lone Gunmen. Next to join the roster of returning characters is Special Agent Monica Reyes, played by Annabeth Gish.

Reyes joined the series during season eight, and became a full-on series regular in The X-Files’ ninth and final season. Reyes was a Mulder-esque believer in the weird and unexplained, although her beliefs sometimes tended toward more ethereal subjects that even Mulder didn’t buy into. She was last seen helping Mulder and Scully escape from a military prison in The X-Files’ previous series finale.

X-Files Doggett and Reyes

X-Philes will no doubt remember that Reyes’ partner on the classic sci-fi/horror series was no-nonsense badass John Doggett (Robert Patrick), a man who starts out even more skeptical of the paranormal than Scully was at the beginning of the pilot.

Still, Doggett eventually came around to the cause, and also helped Mulder and Scully escape. Sadly, actor Robert Patrick is currently busy on CBS’ new hit drama Scorpion, and those commitments are preventing him from returning to the Doggett role. Well, at least A.D. Skinner is coming back.

The X-Files returns to television on Sunday, January 24th, 2o16.


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