‘The X-Files’ Looks to Be Gone Again, At Least for Now

Michael CarpenterTelevision NewsLeave a Comment

Ah, The X-Files, unquestionably one of the most respected genre TV series of all time. Unfortunately, the recent revival of Mulder and Scully’s adventures hasn’t exactly been amazing, although it’s hardly been abysmal either.

When FOX decided to bring The X-Files back in 2016, it was one of the first classic shows to be revived, in what has turned out to be an ever-expanding progression of such resurrections. From Roseanne to Magnum P.I., everything old is new again.

The X-Files’ initial 6-episode revival season drew great ratings, albeit with pretty mixed reviews from fans. Sadly – for those who want more Mulder and Scully – 2018’s season 11 didn’t exactly set the world on fire, losing a ton of the series’ 2016 audience.

That ratings drop, combined with star Gillian Anderson making it known that she doesn’t want to come back for more episodes, has effectively doomed The X-Files. As revealed during FOX’s upfront presentation (via TV Line), the network has no plans for season 12.

While that doesn’t necessarily mean that The X-Files is dead for good, it seems like it’ll be quite a while before FOX revisits the franchise again. For now, Mulder and Scully’s journey is at an end, and the cases investigated by the FBI’s most unwanted are closed.

Personally, as a huge X-Files fan, I’m fine with this. The revival has played host to some great episodes, but also some awful ones, and hasn’t exactly lived up to the expectations of most. Perhaps some things are just products of their time, and shouldn’t be attempted again.

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