The Black Hills Forrest looks entirely terrifying in the latest peek at Lionsgate Games and Blooper Team, Blair Witch Game.

The trailer gives us a bit of a closer look at the first person, exploration-based, psychological horror title. We also get a peek at some of the commands that you are able to give to your dog, Bullet to assist in your search for a missing boy.

Developer Bloober Team (Layers of Fear) are the creative minds behind the direct sequel/prequel to the 1999 Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez found-footage horror phenomenon. With a nice track record of effective jump scares and atmospheric horror, I think that Blooper Team is a perfect fit.

The combo of Alan Wake and Outlast style gameplay paired with the Blair Witch mythos looks to be a must for 2019 horror gaming.

Blair Witch drops Aug. 30 on PC and Xbox One.