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‘The Witches’ Remake is Coming Straight to HBO MAX This Halloween

by Trey Hilburn III

Well, Happy Halloween indeed, you guys! The Robert Zemeckis and Guillermo Del Toro adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Witches, which was originally set for theatrical release is now coming straight to HBO MAX.

The film’s release date has been moved around quite a bit as of late, and today Deadline reports that The Witches is now coming straight to the HBO MAX streaming platform on October 22.

The synopsis for 1990’s The Witches went like this:

“Jasen Fisher plays Luke, the 9-year-old boy who must foil the plans of a society of witches to turn the world’s children into mice. It won’t be easy: They’ve already transformed him into one! But some big, bad witches may be no match for the resourcefulness of a single tiny rodent.”

Zemeckis’ film takes place in Alabama during 1967. A young orphan boy (Jahzir Kabeem Bruno) is sent to live with his grandmother (Octavia Spencer). Unfortunately, the two end up crossing paths with the Grand High Witch and her coven.

Guillermo Del Toro and Robert Zemeckis are sure to come up with something unique. The two are responsible for enormously great bodies of work, respectively. At the very least the film will be a visual feast. The question is will it retain that strange, traumatic horror that 1990’s The Witches had?


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