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‘The Witcher’ Developers to Start Work on New Game Soon

by Paul Aloisio

Adam Kiciński, President of CD Projekt Red, has revealed that work will start on a new Witcher game immediately after the release of their newest project, Cyberpunk 2020. This means production should start in September.

Though it won’t be called The Witcher 4, and will not be a direct sequel, Kiciński says that the team has a clear concept of what the game will be. This comes as quite a surprise – The Witcher 3 concluded Geralt’s story, and was meant by to developers to work as a trilogy.

But the game is set to be embedded within the series’ DNA, and there are countless other stories to be explored in this universe.

Kiciński also noted that all future projects for the company will be based around either one of the two franchises, with different teams working on them. He mentioned this during a panel with a group of journalists, which was revealed by Eurogamer. You can read a translation here.

The Netflix series has become a surprise hit for The Witcher, reigniting interest for an already popular video game and book franchise.

There’s currently a second season in development, and some critical reviews that were not exactly thrilled with the delivery and timeline of the plot for the first season, fan reaction was nothing short of spectacular. It has become one of the streaming services most popular shows, dethroning Stranger Things at least for a short while.

An Anime movie is also being planned for the series, which will also be released via Netflix.

If you’ve never played the games, it’s in your best interest to change that immediately. As a personal recommendation, The Witcher 3 is undoubtedly the best. And you don’t need to play the first two in order to understand the game; that was my introduction to the series, along with many other players.

Now go and kill some monsters.

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