‘The Walking Dead’s Season Finale Extended to 90 Minutes

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With its currently airing fifth season standing tall as perhaps the most praised to date, AMC zombie drama The Walking Dead continues to tower head and shoulders above the rest of its cable competition. Sadly, only five Walking Dead episodes remain until the show goes back on hiatus, meaning that TWD’s rabid legion of fans will soon have to return to whatever it is they do between seasons.

Well, AMC executives have decided to give viewers just a little more bang for their buck this year, with the network announcing plans to extend the length of the fifth season finale to 90 minutes. This will mark only the third instance of a Walking Dead episode being extended to feature-length, with the previous two times being the first and second season premieres.

Walking Dead - Rick and Daryl

The Walking Dead continues to set ratings records in season five, with the season premiere currently standing as the series’ highest rated episode ever. All this despite the ridiculous campaigning by some upset fans that the deceased character of Beth be somehow resurrected. She got her brains blown out of the back of her head…she isn’t coming back folks.

The next episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead airs tomorrow night at 9pm. Here’s hoping the people of Alexandria can actually be trusted, unlike nearly every other outside group Rick and the gang have encountered so far.

Walking Dead Zombies

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