The Walking Dead Universe Will Continue For At Least A Decade

Paul AloisioNews2 Comments

Bad news for those who think The Walking Dead has run its course.

It hasn’t, and according to AMC CEO Josh Sapan, it won’t for another decade at least.

Speaking with Forbes, Sapan said:

The Walking Dead is a universe…and we have a plan to manage over the next decade, plus. That plan is a careful plan to respect the world of the fans of that world.

The answer came in response to a question regarding the future of the show given the ratings dip in recent years combined with Andrew Lincoln leaving the show soon.

It’s become clear that The Walking Dead is much bigger than one single character and the show is able to branch out into miniseries and video games – not to mention the comic books that started it all. Though ratings are admittedly low for the show in particular, that’s only because at one point they were so insanely high. The show still remains incredibly popular.

As long as the popularity continues there will be a demand for the Walking Dead universe. We’ll just need to wait and see how and if the absence of Lincoln affects the overall popularity of the show.

However, it seems doubtful that it really will cause that many to abandon the show. The series is rich with side characters and any one of them would be able to rise as lead – not to mention the plethora of options available when considering adding brand new characters to the series.

If there’s one thing that this franchise is good at, it’s adapting. The plan is, as of now, simply to put Rick Grimes to rest; not the show as a whole. Here’s to another decade of keeping fans engaged through bloody zombie violence.

It would be great to hear from longtime fans of the show. Has it run its course? Or are you excited for another ten years of the series? Let’s discuss.