The Walking Dead Town Up For Sale!

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Huge fan of The Walking Dead? Ever wanted to own your own township? Do you happen to have an extra few hundred thousand dollars on hand? Well hallelujah. The great zombie gods have answered your prayers. Word is spreading quickly about a notorious small town in Georgia that is being auctioned off  by the former mayor, Jim Sells. Nine buildings in downtown Grantville that were featured on The Walking Dead are going for a killer deal of $680,000 on Ebay. You can check out the listing here.









When the town was threatened to face foreclosure, the former mayor explained to ABC News his reasoning for the auction:

“I would love to see a movie studio or a commercial developer buy it and get everything rented out,” Sells said. “It’s dirt cheap at about $30 per square foot, and we’ve done all the dirty work by renovating everything.” He added, “There is so much potential for revenue with buses of tourists coming in and our commuter residents who’d like to see more local business.”


The town was used in Season 3-Episode 12-“Clear” in TWD as Rick and Carl’s home town of King County, Georgia. Films like “Lawless,” “Broken Bridges” and “Dumb and Dumber To” were also shot in this historic town. As well as the upcoming horror film “The Ring 3” has contacted Sells to shoot pieces of the film there as well.


Well, whoever the lucky person is who snags this gem of a deal, holds a national treasure in their possession. I can only hope they will keep it that way! Check out some behind the scenes footage and shots of the buildings below of The Walking Dead “Clear” episode filmed in the now infamous town.


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