The Walking Dead Season 4 Starts Production

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In Norman Reedus’s on words: “episode one is huge. I promise you’ll freakout. gonna be SO GOOD.”

Reedus also tweeted a photo of himself and Greg Nicotero, while adding, “ep 1 is gonna RULE.”

Norman Reedus The Walking Dead
It was earlier reported that the season wouldn’t start until May 6th, However, it looks like The Walking Dead team has kicked it into high gear calling in the actors back to Georgia early for production.

Even though the script is being tightly kept, word is that no one is safe this season.  It looks like we’re in for more deaths of some of our main cast of characters.  I just don’t know if I can handle a Walking Dead without Daryl Dixon… lets hope he’ll make it out of Season 4 alive!

Norman Reedus The Walking Dead
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