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AMC began expanding the world of The Walking Dead in a big way this year, just last weekend launching spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead. The main show returns for its sixth season on October 11th, and now we’re learning that another spinoff project is in the works. Read on for all the details.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the network is planning a new special that’s set during the time period of Fear the Walking Dead, which is a prequel to The Walking Dead. Running 30-minutes long, the special will tell a standalone story, and introduce a character who will appear in Fear‘s second season.

zombie flight attendant

In a departure from both shows, the untitled special will follow a group of passengers facing a¬†walker attack on an airline while in flight. The airline attack story will first debut¬†online, and then be shown in broken up chapters during commercial breaks of The Walking Dead‘s on-air telecasts.

No word yet on who the new character is, or when this oddball special will be ready for consumption.

With Fear the Walking Dead‘s ratings going through the roof, and setting a new cable record, it seems that there’s no end in sight for The Walking Dead‘s small screen reign. Norman Reedus recently indicated that he’d be up for a Daryl/Merle spinoff series, which could very well happen in the future.

Are you hungry for more? Or is AMC biting off more than they should be chewing?