Written by John Squires

Ladies and gentlemen, Jesus is coming to The Walking Dead

Just weeks shy of AMC’s hit zombie series returning for its sixth season, THR reports this week that fan-favorite comic book character Paul “Jesus” Monroe will be joining the show for Season 6’s second half, with an option on the table to possibly return in some capacity in Season 7.

walking dead jesus actor

Young actor Tom Payne (Luck) has been cast in the role, and the character is described as a rare logical man and skilled adviser with a strong sense of morals and values who is well-adapted to the new world. Jesus is a resident at the Alexandria Safe-Zone who moved to the community from another group called the Hilltop Colony.

The character was first introduced in issue 91 of the comics, and at the time of writing this, is still alive. He has become a key member of the main group of survivors, particularly during their war with the villainous Negan and his band of Saviors. The casting likely signals the impending start of that storyline, on the show.

Season 6 of The Walking Dead will premiere next month. Directed by Greg Nicotero, the first episode finds Rick and the group still having trouble assimilating into Alexandria. Will a new threat bring them closer together or drive them further apart? Find out on October 11th!