If you haven’t played The Walking Dead game from Telltale Games, you are seriously missing out on the most gripping and emotional storylines to ever be featured in a game. Telltale followed up with The Wolf Among Us, where players assume the identity of the Sheriff of Fabletown, Bigby Wolf and later a sequel to The Walking Dead. In a point and click style adventure, players roam the environment looking for items or clues, as well as making decisions that will change the outcome or storyline of the game, allowing the player multiple playthroughs and not to mention they boast a unique style of animation. All games have been vastly popular on XBox 360, PS3, PC and IOS and Android (last time I checked, The Walking Dead was free to download on mobile devices!), so with most popular games as we cross over to next gen gaming is, ‘will they be available for XBox One and PS4?’

Of course they will! Telltale Games has announced that Seasons One and Two of The Walking Dead as well as The Wolf Among Us will be released on XBox One and PS4 very soon! Not only that, but discs will become available in retail stores for The Walking Dead Season Two and The Wolf Among Us (The Walking Dead Season One is already available). And if you crawl over to Amazon, you can pre-order your copies now and have them by July 31st!