The Two Best Horror Blu-rays From 2018

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Hey, this year was filled with some amazing blu-ray releases. Arrow, Shout Factory and Vinegar Syndrome leading the way in all sorts of beautifully polished transfers filled with deep cut special features. But, I’ll be totally danged if Blue Underground didn’t come out in the final hours of 2019 with the two titles that took the extraordinary blu-ray release throne.  

The William Lustig founded label has gone and done it. From the 3D slipcovers to the fantastically packaged 3-disc collection, Maniac and Zombie are fucking beauties.

Both of these titles come with each of their respective scores and impressive collector booklets with essays by Michael Gingold and Stephen Thrower.

The Joe Spinell Story on Maniac is really introspective and gets to the heart of the cult favorite actor. A lot of it contains moments that I had no idea about and obviously respects the greatness that Spinell carried with him throughout his varied career.

Maniac also leads with two awesome commentaries. One with William Lustig and Andrew W. Garroni and one with Lustig and the macabre maestro, Tom Savini. Anytime I get a chance to listen to Savini, it is a constant treat. This dude has stories and knows exactly how to tell em.

Blu ray special features:

Audio Commentary #1 with Producer/Director William Lustig and Producer Andrew W. Garroni

Audio Commentary #2 with Producer/Director William Lustig, Special Make-Up Effects Artist Tom Savini, Editor Lorenzo Marinelli, and Joe Spinell’s Assistant Luke Walter

Lucio Fulci’s Zombie remains one of the best of the genre, and looks absolutely gorgeous. If you haven’t seen a zombie fight a shark in underwater battle, you absolutely must see it in 4K transfer.

I have seen both titles many times on different formats but here, both of these films feel like an entirely different experience in the best ways. Sweaty Joe Spinell and wooden splinters piercing eyes balls are brought to t new zenith.

Get a look at the full special features of both discs.


Theatrical Trailers

TV Spots

Radio Spots

NEW! MANIAC Outtakes

NEW! Returning to the Scene of the Crime with William Lustig

Anna and the Killer – Interview with Star Caroline Munro

The Death Dealer – Interview with Special Make-Up Effects Artist Tom Savini

Dark Notes – Interview with Composer Jay Chattaway

Maniac Men – Interview with Songwriters Michael Sembello and Dennis Matkosky

The Joe Spinell Story

Mr. Robbie: Maniac 2 Promo Reel

MANIAC Publicity

MANIAC Controversy Z

NEW! Audio Commentary #1 with Troy Howarth, Author of Splintered Visions: Lucio Fulci and His Films

Audio Commentary #2 with Star Ian McCulloch and Diabolik Magazine Editor Jason J. Slater

NEW! When The Earth Spits Out The Dead – Interview with Stephen Thrower, Author of Beyond Terror: The Films of Lucio Fulci

Theatrical Trailers

TV Spots

Radio Spots

Poster & Still Gallery

Guillermo del Toro Intro

Zombie Wasteland – Interviews with Stars Ian McCulloch, Richard Johnson & Al Cliver, and Actor/Stuntman Ottaviano Dell’Acqua

Flesh Eaters on Film – Interview with Co-Producer Fabrizio De Angelis

Deadtime Stories – Interviews with Co-Writers Elisa Briganti and (Uncredited) Dardano Sacchetti

World of the Dead – Interviews with Cinematographer Sergio Salvati and Production & Costume Designer Walter Patriarca

Zombi Italiano – Interviews with Special Make-Up Effects Artists Gianetto De Rossi & Maurizio Trani and Special Effects Artist Gino De Rossi

Notes on a Headstone – Interview with Composer Fabio Frizzi

All in the Family – Interview with Antonella Fulci

Zombie Lover – Award-Winning Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro talks about one of his favorite films

Both of these titles are out now and required viewing, must-owns for any self respecting horror fan.

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