Whenever one year comes to a close and another gets ready to begin, the internet is absolutely flooded with ‘Best Of’ lists, nearly every horror website out there rattling off their personal favorite movies of the past 12 months.  It’s a joyous time of the year, one where the spotlight is shone on the movies that deserve it most, and all of us here on iHorror wanted to get in on the fun this year.  But rather than polling our writers and coming up with a list of our own, we instead decided to let you, the iHorror readers, make those decisions.

This past Friday, we started a thread over on the iHorror Facebook page, asking you guys and gals to list off your favorite horror movies of the year, and we allowed those votes to accumulate over the weekend.  When I woke up this morning, I was delighted to see that over 300 of you fine folks placed votes, with over 50 different movies being mentioned.  Since most of you voted for more than one movie, a whopping 500+ votes were tallied by yours truly, and I now hold in my hands a list of the top 10 horror movies of 2013… chosen not by horror bloggers, critics or industry insiders, but rather by YOU, the iHorror fans.

What films made the final cut?  It’s time to find out!



With 7 votes each, Victor Crowley’s latest romp in the swamp and Rob Zombie’s artistic tale of a coven of vengeful witches kick things off with a 10th place tie.  “Hatchet 3 lived up to the franchise,” said Bob Sanville, while Destinie Orndoff excitedly exclaimed that Lords of Salem was her personal favorite of the year.



Coming in 9th place with 8 votes was Kimberly Peirce’s remake of Carrie, the third film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel.  Kaylie Emmer admitted that the movie wasn’t as good as Brian De Palma’s original, but that she still loved it anyway.



Beating out Carrie by only vote is another remake; Franck Khalfoun’s modern day upgrade of one of the sleaziest and grimiest horror films of all time.  Maniac has been featured on pretty much every Top 10 list I’ve read, a highly impressive accomplishment considering most horror fans felt that William Lustig’s exploitation classic should never be remade.

You're Next


With 10 votes, the long-awaited You’re Next ranks in 7th place on the list… a full two years after the movie hit the festival circuit.  “Had an absolute blast with You’re Next,” said Peter Lust.  “Well worth the hype.”  Indeed it was!



Child’s Play creator Don Mancini brought everyone’s favorite killer doll back to his roots with the sequel/reboot Curse of Chucky, which racked up an impressive 18 votes.  Mark Boucher sung the film’s praises, saying that “Curse of Chucky deserves a top spot for reinventing the franchise and being one of, if not the only, reboot that is both good and a direct sequel.”  Amen to that, Mark!



No doubt one of the most polarizing horror movies of the year, Texas Chainsaw 3D comes in 5th place with 19 votes, proving that Leatherface’s saw is still as sharp as it ever was.  “Texas Chainsaw was the shit,” said Ryan Johnson, while Amber Smith agreed that “Chainsaw has them all beat.”



The Guillermo del Toro-produced Mama scared up a whopping 35 votes, being chosen as the 4th best horror movie of 2013.  “I watched it repeatedly,” said Dave Klinger, while Sterling Hicks and Stephanie Depp agreed that it was creepy.

Insidious: Chapter 2


James Wan makes his first appearance on the list with Insidious: Chapter 2, which comes in 3rd place with 51 votes.  “Thought the storyline was great,” said Keith Weaver, impressed by how the sequel tied into the first film and brought everything full circle.  Jessica Colon agrees that “Insidious 2 was really good.”

Evil Dead


Though criticized by many in the thread, Fede Alvarez’ Evil Dead remake nevertheless stands tall in 2nd place, with 95 votes.  Christopher Thomas described the film with only two words, “sheer awesomeness,” while Chaylyn Medrano used the words “f’ing great.”  “The fact that it’s an homage to the original ones is what makes it great,” added Riley Jean Graham.

The Conjuring


According to Jacob Breur, “The Conjuring deserves the #1 spot,” a sentiment that 149 others were in complete agreement with.  “I do believe The Conjuring was the scariest of them all this year,” said Cory Ogilvie.  “It was scary both times I watched it,” added Eric W. Meyerhuber.  Jon Morris and Jacqueline Jacobsen also agree that it was “the best.”

Many thanks to all who cast their votes, and let their voices be heard.  We thank each and every one of you for your continued support of iHorror, and we promise that 2014 will be an even better year around these parts than 2013 was.  So stay tuned, fiends!


  1. Several of my picks are on here – I’m happy to see love for Maniac and The Lords of Salem – but I’m disappointed that my favorite of the year didn’t make it. Everyone needs to check out Stoker!

  2. You’re Next was horrible in my opinion. I just finished watching it. Horriblyyyy acted. Cliche. Strange reactions to what was going on around them. Especially the siblings who were the intended victims, not knowing their fate they didn’t react genuinely panicked they were way too organized with a plan after being ambushed and watching loved ones die. Idk their expressions and choice of words were laughable. Mama, cThe Cnjuring and Insidious Chapter 2 are the only deserving films on here on my opinion. I saw 3/4 of Maniac but didn’t care for it. Evil Dead commingle attractions scared me more than the actual movie. I’m waiting to see Carrie I think that’ll be decent.

    Now back to watching Tales from The Crypt on my iPad lol thanks!

  3. Top 10 reasons why Conjuring was horrifically LAME:

    10) Using no-slip floor wax would have been the way to go.
    9) Go back to acting in movies like Office Space and Say Anything.
    8) Scene choreographer could have taken a few pointers from Cathy Rigby in Peter Pan.
    7) Iron pills help anemia, not thrombocytopenia (bruising). She should have seen a hematologist/demonologist.
    6) Manipulating bible quotes never works as well as singing Hakuna Matata to scare away creepers.
    5) A simple upper endoscopy could have revealed a treatable upper GI bleed – problem solved.
    4) Even ‘Seed of Chucky’ was a hell of a lot better than this crap.
    3) The little girl banged her head against the bureau: out of frustration with the poor script writing and not from any demons.
    2) The mom was just PMSing, making an exorcism totally unnecessary and a Midol more appealing.
    1) If only more demonologists (and the Vatican) accepted Illinois medicaid, then they never would have gotten into this damn mess in the first place !


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