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The Third Film in ‘The Collector’ Series Reveals News Photos

by Trey Hilburn III

Marcus Dunstan’s The Collector series has been a double whollop of intense grounded horror. The latest film titled The Collected takes us back into the spider’s web and again pits Arkin up against his nemesis, The Collector. We also got a couple of photos to share with you all, that  can start up the anticipation train.

The Collector was a very stripped down cat and mouse film about a cat burglar who burgles the wrong home at the wrong time. The night Arkin sets his burglary plans in motion, The Collector is already in the house and has already booby trapped the entire house with some pretty memorable traps. Of course, most notably was the straight razor wire designed like a spider web. Arkin gives The Collector a good go in the first film. Once again, he ends up going head to head with The Collector once again. This time, Arkin is stepping into the spider’s parlor and the traps and victims are significantly higher.

The third film will once again have Akrin and The Collector going up against each other again…. however its going to be a little bit more complicated, since the second film ends in a very surprising way that I won’t spoil here. The behind the scenes photos that Bloody Disgusting shared, seem to point at Arkin ending up in jail and being ambushed by The Collector while he is behind bars. But, we are just gonna have to wait and see.

Are you guys excited about The Collected? Let us know in the comments section.

Collector Collector Collector Collected

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