The Thing is a beloved horror film by many despite it’s age, and that is simply because it is able to do almost everything perfectly.  The film aims for pure psychological terror and absolutely excels at it’s goal.  Set in a desolate research station with no hopes of escape our protagonist and supporting cast have one simple goal. Survive.

Of course that is easier said than done when the titular Thing that everyone is facing off against has the ability to assimilate and perfectly copy and living organism.  The biggest question for many fans of The Thing is simply who is the first to become one with the deadly alien, and how does it spread from there.

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The Thing (1982)

Well Reddit user I_AintGoinWithWindas is currently working on a theory that they hope will create a timeline of sorts of who is infected when.  For those who have seen the film then you should understand how interesting and fun a functional timeline of how the infection breaks down would add another layer of depth to an already fantastic experience that everyone should have.

To break things down the proposed order of infection is as follows.  It begins with Norris most likely being infected by the dog from the Norwegian camp, Palmer being the next in line, leading up to the reveal that Bennings has also been infected and is ultimately confronted by the rest of the crew, with the rest of the infections taking place shortly thereafter.

To this day the reveal of Bennings to the rest of the crew stands as one of the most bone chilling moments I have ever seen in a horror film.  The inhuman screech that is emitted moments before its fiery death never cease to make my skin crawl.   That also being followed up by the crew discussing just how do you tell who is infected and who isn’t when the creature is capable of perfectly copying it’s target host.

It all adds together to create a solid and bleak story so deeply rooted in psychological horror, you never really know who you can trust.  You can find the full theory/timeline here and any fan of The Thing really should.  I_AintGoinWithWindas has put in a lot of work for this theory and raises several interesting points throughout.

The Thing (1982)

They are also seeking help from other fans of The Thing in attempting to fill in the holes and make the timeline as cohesive as possible.  Be sure to check out the theory in its entirety, it’s really cool to see projects like this pop up in the horror community and even better when anyone can join in on the fun and try to piece the puzzle together.

The theory in its entirety can be found over on Reddit and the sub /r/horror AKA Dreadit.  Check it out and leave your feedback for the community, with enough help this theory could really add to an already rich and endlessly entertaining piece of cinematic history.