‘The Taking of Deborah Logan’ is Available on Amazon Today!

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The Taking of Deborah Logan took the horror genre by storm back in 2014.

The film told the story of a young medical student named Mia (Michelle Ang) who decides to make a documentary about Alzheimer’s and its effects on both patients and their caregivers. In her efforts she meets a woman named Deborah Logan (Jill Larson) and her daughter Sarah (Anne Ramsay).

She and her crew are ensconced in Deborah’s home but things are not quite right. She exhibits extreme symptoms that are not usual for Alzheimer’s patients, and as strange events add up, they soon realize that something paranormal and very dangerous is taking hold.

Deborah Logan appeared on numerous “Best Of” lists for the year of 2014 and became a mainstay on lists marking the best found footage films of all time.

Then, without warning, it seemed to disappear from streaming services and went “out of print” in hard copy. Fans had a hell of a time finding copies and it got harder as the years went by.

Then, this year, Terror Films inked a deal with the creative team and director Adam Robitel (Escape RoomInsidious: The Final Key) to bring Deborah Logan back to the masses. It first appeared on Shudder this month, and as of today, you’ll also find it available to rent or buy on Amazon’s streaming service!

The re-release through Terror Films comes with brand new poster artwork and revamped trailer to prepare viewers for the experience that is The Taking of Deborah Logan.

The new poster artwork for The Taking of Deborah Logan is terrifying!

And in case you’re wondering Shudder and Amazon aren’t the final stops for the film. The distributor has plans to bring it to Vudu, iTunes, TUBI TV, Google Play, Roku, and more in the coming weeks!

You can check out that new trailer below, and get ready for The Taking of Deborah Logan just in time for Halloween! To keep up with all the latest updates on the film, be sure to follow their official Facebook page, as well.

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