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‘The Stylist’ Introduces a Melancholy Serial Killer Who Removes and Collects Your Scalp

by Trey Hilburn III

The Stylist blew our scalps back a last year at a special Fantastic Fest screening. The Jill Gevargizian co-written and directed film introduces you to a new icon in horror. Claire, a quite, timid and heartbroken serial killer who is trying to re-connect with humanity and herself in order to pull away from her blood ritual. The film left our jaws on the floor.

The Synopsis for The Stylist goes like this:
We all dream of being someone else… but for Claire (Najarra Townsend, Contracted), that dream goes from an obsession to a living nightmare. Hairstylist by day, serial killer and collector of scalps by night, Claire’s lonely existence is thrown into turmoil when her regular client, Olivia (Brea Grant, After Midnight; director of 12 Hour Shift), asks her to style her hair for her wedding day. Increasingly fixated on Olivia’s seemingly flawless life, Claire vows to lock up her scalp collection and change her ways for good – only to discover that repressing your deadly desires is easier said than done…


The Stylist is not to be missed. Najarra Townsend’s acting is insanely well-executed and pairs well with the portrait Gevargizian is putting together with anxiety and social norms. The film is as chilling as it is heartbreaking and will definitely stay with you.

The Sylist will premiere on Arrow’s streaming service beginning March 1. Best of all, you can head over to Arrow and start a free 30-day trial that will allow you to check out The Stylist. In my opinion Arrow’s streaming service is definitely worth a peek. I checked out the trial but decided to stick with it. The monthly charge of $4.99 is less than the price of a six-pack of beer and is filled with a large chunk of Arrow Video’s catalogue. Head over here to sign up, you won’t regret it.

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