When last we reported a major development on Warner Bros’ ambitious plan to re-adapt The Stand – arugably Stephen King’s magnum opus – the plan was to make four big-budget theatrical films out of the gargantuan novel. Well, that plan seems to have changed, according to a report by The Wrap.

Instead of making four feature films, Warner Bros. has now decided that The Stand should begin life on television, as an 8-part Showtime miniseries. Why Showtime, instead of WB sister company HBO? The reason for that move is the fact that WB shares movie rights to The Stand with CBS. With WB set to distribute the theatrical film, CBS asked that its sister cable network Showtime be granted the miniseries.


After the 8-part series airs, the plan is still to release The Stand’s final chapter as a 3-hour, big-budget theatrical blockbuster. Logically, one could assume that everything up until Stu, Larry, Ralph, Glen, and trusty dog Kojak head off to make their titular stand in Randall Flagg’s Las Vegas will be covered in the miniseries, with the climax taking place on the big screen. That said, WB has yet to confirm that assumption either way.

Despite moving to TV, WB and CBS still intend to go after an A-list cast for The Stand. It’ll be interesting to see whether the previously reported casting of Matthew McConaughey as Flagg still comes to fruition with the project now headed to the small screen first. Of course, McConaughey is no stranger to TV, having recently earned raves for his work on HBO’s True Detective.

The Stand - Randall Flagg