While a release date has yet to be announced, director Josh Boone is currently prepping a limited series adaptation of Stephen King’s epic apocalypse tale, The Stand. Recently, some casting was reported, although not all of it has since been confirmed.

Whatever happens with the new adaptation, which King promises will have a bigger budget and less creative restrictions, the original 1994 miniseries version still remains a favorite of many fans. Thankfully, it’s finally getting the HD restoration it deserves.

Up until now, The Stand has only been available on standard DVD, but that changes soon, according to Blu-Ray.com. CBS Home Entertainment will bring the 1994 miniseries to Blu-Ray on September 24th, and fans can pre-order the disc online now.


Extras, if any, have yet to be revealed, but the DVD did at least have an audio commentary track and a few short featurettes. Hopefully those are retained, if nothing else is added. Hopefully though, some new retrospective material has been filmed.

The new cover art for The Stand Blu-Ray can be seen below. Personally, I think it looks pretty cool, although purists will likely be annoyed that the classic home video art and logo wasn’t retained. Either way, it’ll be awesome to finally get to see this in HD.