We’re currently enjoying quite the resurgence in Stephen King adaptations, with 2017’s IT movie certainly being the most successful. The recent Pet Sematary remake was also pretty good, and Netflix’s Gerald’s Game movie was actually downright great.

There’s also Hulu’s Castle Rock, as well as this fall’s IT: Chapter Two to look forward to, along with a film adaptation of King’s Shining sequel Doctor Sleep. Let’s not forget though, that there are just as many bad King adaptations as there are good ones.

One of my personal favorites has always been 1994’s The Stand miniseries, based on King’s gargantuan apocalyptic novel. Sure, its network TV limitations shine through at times, but the program mostly managed to capture the spirit of King’s quite epic book.

The Stand is currently becoming a limited series for CBS All Access, but 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the miniseries. To celebrate this milestone, EW reports that Stephen King will be a guest on director Mick Garris’ Post Mortem podcast on May 8th.

This is a rare podcast appearance for King, and also a rare opportunity to hear him talk at length about an adaptation of his work, the script for which King himself wrote. King remains good friends with Garris, so it’s likely he’ll be able to get King to really open up.